Our Goal

A New Generation
Broadcast Vehicle

ENG Transformer Series

Let SMC Solutions build your next
ENG Transformer Series!

  • Full truck frame
  • Improved vehicle weight distribution…and more!

ENG Silhouette Series

Let SMC Solutions build your next
ENG Silhouette Series!

  • 5 year/ 100,000 mile factory warranty
  • Full truck frame…and more!

ENG Lunar Series

Land your broadcast with SMC Solutions Lunar Series!

  • 5 year/100,000 mile factory warranty
  • Full truck frame with improved vehicle weight distribution…and more!

Custom Vehicle Builders

The management and staff of SMC Solutions take great pride in our ability to retrofit and refurbish vehicles and integrate equipment into new platforms.  Allow SMC Solutions to do all of your “dirty” work!

Whatever your needs are, whatever your platform is, SMC Solutions is here for you!


SMC Solutions works with wireless communications, mobile broadcast units, and news gathering equipment.


SMC Solutions refurbishes and services your vehicles, including but not limited to: trucks, ENGs, NGVs, SNGs, and other existing platforms!

Generator Installations

SMC Solutions provides generator installations, under-the-hood!


SMC Solutions can customize your mast heads! 


Equipment Installations

SMC Solutions can perform equipment installations! 

Lightning Options

SMC Solutions provides you various lighting options! 


SMC Solutions can rebuild or replace your mast!


SMC Solutions is proud of its ability to work with a variety of platforms

Feel free to contact the SMC Solutions Sales team

By calling (321) 240-7706; or, by e-mailing bsousa@smc-solutions.com – General Manager/Sales; or, by connecting with us on this SMC Solutions Website “Contact Us” page.

Areas of expertise

SMC Solutions’ innovative re-design of the conventional Electronic News Gatherer (ENG), News gathering Vehicle (NGV), and Satellite News Gathering Vehicle (SNG) platforms has created a unique studio-like setting that makes our vehicles comfortable, enjoyable, and reliable to use in the field.

In today’s economy, SMC Solutions’ innovative new design is a cost-saving solution to our customers’ ENG, NGV, and SNV needs.

Generator & Mast


SMC Solutions customizes depending on the needs and specifications of our customers.


SMC Solutions audio-video communications wiring, as well as microwave and satellite equipment installation.

Generator & Mast

SMC Solutions staff also performs generator and mast installations.

Team Work

Let our SMC Solutions team work for you!

Satisfy Their Requirements

SMC Solutions works closely with our customers to satisfy their requirements and provide a quick turn-around with fast deliveries.

Professional And Reliable

SMC Solutions’ professional and reliable staff, with over 30 years’ worth of experience, is here to serve our customers!