Retractable Mast Head

Be sure to ask SMC Solutions to provide you, our customer, with a new retractable mast head!

The benefits of an SMC Solutions retractable mast head include that:

  1. The lower profile of the SMC Solutions mast head protects the equipment.
  2. The SMC Solutions retractable mast head reduces the height of the equipment by more that 6 “.
  3. The SMC Solutions retractable mast head gives a lower clearance to over head structures. In some cases, you can store the vehicle in buildings with clearance of 10 feet.
  4. The robust construction gives longevity to the SMC Solutions retractable mast head.

The SMC Solutions Sales team can be reached by calling (321) 240-7706; e-mailing; or, by using the link on the “Contact Us” page of the SMC Solutions webpage.