What is unique about SMC Solutions ENG models?

The new generation SMC Solutions ENG van is built on the Nissan HD 2500/3500 Series high-roof body style with spacious head room and open-concept which allows the user and talent the ability to walk from front to rear and never have to leave the vehicle.

This open design allows for 3 full active workstations for pre-production as well as post-production. The vehicles design by SMC Solutions gives the user abundant work space, in part, by locating the Mid-Atlantic slide out, two-rack system just behind the driver’s seat.

The SMC Solutions vehicle comes installed with a 2-7 GHz transmitter by Vislink with full cellular capabilities. The 52-foot mast system has been relocated to the front center of the vehicle which comes pre-installed with a x32 zoom HD camera, dish with ODU, and a lighting tower with a 50-foot range from the vehicle. Also, the 7KW gas powered generator has been placed at the passenger side rear location.

SMC Solutions provides the perfect balance, giving one of the quietest and safest ENG rides available today!

The reliable Nissan NV HD 2500/3500 Series comes with a V8 5.6 liter engine 9,900 GVWR full-frame ride that gives the comfort ride of a luxury vehicle with the performance of a work vehicle.

The chrome package, which includes electric seats and a navigation system, is SMC Solutions standard offer to our customers.

The SMC Solutions Sales team can be reached by calling (321) 240-7706; e-mailing bsouse@smc-solutions.com; or, by using the link on the “Contact Us” page of the SMC Solutions webpage.